Pak Bhara Easy Ride

28 October, 2010

Gerekbaru with collaboration of Rons Adventure (Abang Ron of Perlis) will organize a mini tour to Pak Bhara, Saturn, Thailand on 5,6 & 7 November, 2010. That is 3D2N stays at Pak Bhara. 5th November is Deepavali holiday.

Anyone who is interested can call Pudin at 019-480 0116

Category of ride: Easy to medium

Distance: 70KM from Wang Kelian in Perlis one way.

Pace : Serlow serlow..touring pace, enjoy the scenery and the people and the places.

Budget: very minimum..don't have to pay for petrol.. RM150-RM200..up to you..ask your own self.

So get loose, forget your daily headache..your routine..lets rolling free and easy. Lets enjoy the places, the people, the foods and the experiences.



Perik Revisited

23 October, 2010

LOCATION: Ladang Jati Perik, Kuala Nerang.

START: Alias Bikeshop, Taman Suria, Jitra.
Total Distance: 53KM
Kakikayuh: senu, rizalRB, syam, ustaz raja, aiman along and zn+

Tracker:Sport Tracker Ustaz Raja

Aiman Along



Ustaz raja



Day Trip De Hatyai

17 October, 2010

Date: 16 Oct 2010

Starting point: Bukit Kayu Hitam at 7:30am and return back to Bukit Kayu Hitam at 6:45pm

Total Distance: 120KM

Tracker: BKH- Sadao - Klong Ngae- Hatyai-and return back to BKH.

Gerekbaru would like to thank Abang Ron from Rons Adventure which make this trip possible. His deep knowledge of the area makes pedalling so smooth and localized.

At first we plan to go to Klong Ngae only. After roaming about an hour at Klong Ngae day market, we decided to continue the trip further to Hatyai which was about 25KM more from there. We went sraight to have the lunch at Chekkar Restaurant which situated 200M East of Prince Songkla University. A very nice muslim restaurant with big surau facility at level 2 and clean washroom. We can have nice lunch and qasar the prayer there. Our next move was to visit the friends who own the bicycle shops at Hatyai Mr Somchai, Mr Teoh and Mr Jurafat. We start to move out of Hatyai at 4PM in order to get back to Bukit Kayu Hitam before the sun settle down.

Abg Ron and Pudin - at Sadao MTB port to have breakfast

MTB parking area at Sadao MTB port

a good quality US bundle at Klong Ngae nat

Somchai Bike

Mr Teoh of Srisuwandee Bike


Mental Training De Kuala Perlis

10 October, 2010

Date: 09/10/10

Destination: Kuala Perlis

Distance: 105 KM

Riders :Pudin, Ustaz Raja, Along, Syam, Suhaidi Celcom, Firas, Pa'an and zn.

Garmin tracker: Kedai Yeh Pallas Taman Suria- Senu tak boleh pi- zaim pi ldg jati dgn team KBS- syam nak pi sekerat jalan saja psai ada kerja- bertolak ke Tunjang- Ustaz dan Suhaidi dok tunggu- Batu 17- kona ke jalan Air Hitam- matahari semakin tinggi- panas lit lit- sampai air Hitam pekena nasi gulai ayam kampung..haoliouuuuuu- masuk Kuala Tunjang, Kerpan, Jalan tepi laut- Jalan Kuala Sanglang- Kuala Sungai Baru- Perlis Power Plant- Kuala Perlis- Jeti Kuala Perlis- Makan Laksa Kak Su- Along sudah down- Ustaz dok cari helah- SOS Yeh hantar bantuan- bertolak balik- Jalan Simpang Empat Haji Kassim- SOS wak balik dua orang- Jalan Teras UMNO- Kg Chantik Bangun- Jalan Kuala Sanglang Kodiang- shortcut ke Megat Dewa- Shortcut ke Pida 7- Jalan Batu 17 Tunjang- Kg Gelong Rambai- Kg Jeram- Pulau Pisang- pekena air oren kat rumah Ustaz Raja- balik Jitra- fully exhausted- mental totally down- Garmin pun tak boleh track macam ni.

This ride is part of mental training for the Pak Bhara Charity Ride which will be held this 5,6 and 7 November 2010 (Deepavali holiday) organized by Ron Adventure (Abang Ron) and Gerekbaru.


Suhaidi Celcom with Ustaz Raja

Gerekbaru Racing Team trainee- Frm left: Firas and Pa'an. Both of them and another one Msbar Yap(not in the photo) are training hard for the upcoming events and watch up for their debut appearance in UUM bike challenge and also in Jerai MTB Jamboree.


Aggressive Cross Country Forks

03 October, 2010

Recent trend in mountainbike cross country now is going for aggressive trail. There are no more simple and easy offroad ride with straight uphill or downhill. Nibong Tebal Jamboree is a good example of aggressive cross country ride. A heavy long travel trail forks might not be suitable for this kind of ride because the harsh ride only constitutes about 20% of the trail. Riders require an all rounder forks that can do all the job perfectly. The forks must be light and aggressive enough to withstand the harsh bumpy ride and can climb steadily the steep uphill.

The following are the forks that have been tested and used by Gerekbaru Team in lots of race and jamboree in Malaysia and weekly ride in the aggressive trail of Jitra.

1)Fox 32 F100 RLC FIT air spring
The most preferred forks for cross country in Malaysia. For cross country all rounder, always choose travel 100mm (travel refers to the maximum movement of cylinder compression of forks of which high travel of says 160mm used for trail/downhill ride). For Fox shock, always look for RLC FIT type because( don't be confused with the type because there are so many different FOX SHOX model in the markets) you are paying extra money for no reason for RL type without FIT damper of which the performance is about the same or less than Manitou R7 which cost less. Fox also has service centre in Malaysia. The price in Kedah/Perlis is around RM1900++ and weight around 1500Grams++.

2)Manitou R7 Absolute air spring
Light weight, stiff yet smooth and affordable cross country forks in market. Tested and proven in harsh environment. Price in Kedah/Perlis around RM1100++ and weight around 1500g.

3)SR Suntour EPICON SF-11 air spring
The most affordable air spring forks with comparable performance in market. Done its job with satisfaction on par with high priced model. Priced around RM550++ in Kedah/Perlis and weight around 1700g+-.


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