Paduan Kasih Gerek Baru Dan Gerek Bendang Di Ulu Pauh Perlis

27 February, 2010

Gerek Baru Jitra dan Gerek Bendang Perlis telah mengukir sejarah apabila berjaya disatukan di Ulu Pauh, Perlis. Terima kasih kepada saudara PudinTTG (AJK atur kayuh) yang bertungkus lumus menemukan dua team diutara ini. Gerek Bendang terdiri daripada pegawai dan kakitangan Pejabat Mara Negeri Perlis dan salah satu team yang bergiat aktif dalam arena MTB di Perlis. Terima kasih juga kepada Team Gerek Bendang yang sudi menjadi tetamu kepada kami terutamanya Pak Li, Cik Li dan kawan kawan, En Azizul dan Cikgu Man. Kayuhan hari ini merintis jalan kepada lebih banyak kerjasama pada masa akan datang.

Gerek Baru Jitra telah menurunkan pemain pemain harapan dalam acara ini dan cukup teruja dengan sambutan dan layanan yang diberikan. GB & GB - Hidup MTB.

Bersama Team Gerek Bendang

PudinTTG- AJK Atur Kayuh dan public relation (PRO)

atmusang- duduk Tanjung Musang

atbesi- duduk titi besi dan disebelah kanan en azizul

syam gfisher

Barisan harapan Gerek Baru-syam,senu dan cikgu lotfi dok tengok apa tu?


New Level of MTB Photographer

18 February, 2010

I salute the new breed of photographer amongst the mountainbikers itself. Watch up for their appearance in the coming SIT Jamboree, RUN10 and all future events. Their works and creativity will add spices to the MTB world. Before this, we don't have the luxury of sharing the professional work of art capturing the important moments.
Their sharp DSLR pushed the MTB event to the next level.

All the photos here reproduced from Tandope.Com with all rights reserved


Tetamu Dari KL

15 February, 2010

14/02/2010, 5.30p.m- Gerek Baru mengalu alukan tetamu dari KL saudara Azmi menjamah trek Jati Perik, Kuala Nerang. Saudara Azmi sebenarnya pulang bercuti ke kampung lamannya di Bukit Pinang. Rider Jitra telah dipelawa olen Tandope untuk hidangan teh petang di trek Jati Perik bersama saudara Azmi. Saudara Azmi seorang pengayuh yang cukup berpengalaman dan bayak berkayuh bersama team Shah Alam. Lepas ni boleh join kami lagi bila balik kampung.


Gerek Baru Announced Participation In Kayuhan Terang Malam

13 February, 2010


Gerek Baru will send a full team of riders to Kayuhan Terang Malam- Kulim Jamboree on 01/05/2010. This is a show of support and commitment from us toward MTB's community in Kulim and Malaysia as a whole. This kind of healthy event should be encouraged because it bring all people from all background together.

The closing of entry is on 15/03/2010, so hurry up and fill in the form which is available at Kedai Basikal D'Pallas, Taman Suria, Jitra. All riders are encouraged to register under our banner because we can collect all the goddies for you under the team and we also can administer your lucky draw under the team. The important thing is 'peace of mind'. So, any riders from the vicinity can register under Gerek Baru Team.


New Roaring Year Message From Gerek Baru

11 February, 2010

Gerek Baru wish all our friends, associates, followers, readers, supporters and every MTB communities and all Malaysian a happy and prosperous new year.....Gong Xi Fa Chai.

The economy shows some sign of recovery but at a modest rate. There will be no more pump primming from the government. For those who like stock market, forget about construction and manufacturing sector. Focus more on banking, utility, oil/gas and plantation. Of all, banking is my favorite and any counter is considered good. Banking stocks are the first to move substantially in any economic recovery. Watch up for Alliance, RHBcap, AMMB and Affin. Don't close your eyes on EONCap, a target takeover and improved balance sheet,income and every ratio shows an improvement.

The economy this year will be driven by private sector and mostly by the new enterpreneurs in food/staples products and specialized/niche/IT/Brain related. Forget about low cost mass manufacturing which are finding too costly to operate here.

If you want to venture into business, choose leisure/sport/health related business. Most malaysian are becoming health conscious and have more money to spend on leisure. Air Asia will have a brisk sales this year because more people will travel and holidays. Do watch Air Asia stock too. Bicycle shops too must stock up their inventory this year because more Malaysian will opt for cycling because it is seen as healthy.


You Are Still in Our Mind

06 February, 2010


You are still close to our heart. No matter other people started running away from you, you are still standing high. Your sweet and husky voice still commanding. Your face is very calm and make it hard to guess anything inside you. That is your real beauty. Believe me, we will never leave you alone.

JATI PERIK, You are still in our mind. We will frequent this place as ever before.



Another casualty?

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