The Best Of 2010

30 December, 2010

Trail Category- Jamboree/ Cross Country Race
There are several nominees in this category. Among the top in the list are Perlis RUN10, Kuala Kangsar Jamboree, Kayuh Lasak 2010 and Nibong Tebal Jamboree. Of all, Gerek Baru chooses Nibong Tebal Jamboree 2010 as the best trail of the year. Nibong Tebal Jamboree truly bring the riders satisfaction to the maximum limit. There are varieties of trail profile with different harshness  level and the distance is just nice to the average level of riders. The trail is all ridable with complex combination of climbing and aggressive downhill. Nibong Tebal also attracted the highest participants ever in any jamboree in Malaysia.

Event Management Category
Wthout hesitation and with absolute consensus, Gerek Baru selects Perlis Ride Up North 2010 as the best managed event/ jamboree in 2010. The event looks almost perfect with everythings were put in its places. The choices of trail, the check point, the water station, the people manning the station, all are properly selected with riders in mind. Affordable accomodation in the hostel also provided for outstation riders. Perlis RUN10 creates a new benchmark for others to compare.

The Most Awaited Cycling Event of The Year
The most awaited cycling event of the year goes to UUM Bike Challenge 2010. It is known for good quality jersey, shimano prestige and lots of sponsors for lucky draw.

The Most Prominent Figure In 2010
The most prominent and highly respected figure in the cycling community especially in the North goes to Abg Ramly SP. Gerek Baru sees him as a person who can bridge the gap between different generations and also between many branches of cycling. He is consistent year by year and he commands and moves the things.

For other categories, please let me know your vote!


2010-Year of Riders Development

26 December, 2010

Gerek Baru has placed a lot of emphasize on new riders development. In 2010 we had groomed out a lot of new riders and most of them still continue to ride with us in our routine ride every Saturday morning. There are some young riders which show potential and we closely monitor their performance for further exposure. There are also new MTB riders who continue to support our routine ride and all of them are most welcome. For us, if there is a will, there will always be a way to ride.

Yap, Along and Aiman





Grown Up in 2010

23 December, 2010

2010 is year of growth. We are growing up. Like a small kid, we are courious. We like to try new things. Nothing is wrong and perfect for newcomers like us. We are learning and listening. We crank with everybody and anybody.

Gerek Baru is growing up. 2010 can be described as expansion year for the team. The team managed to show its present in every cycling events around. A lot of thanks to high dedication showed by every members. This team never formalised. A sense of belonging and love of cycling keep the team intact. I am happy with the way it is.

Who is running Gerek Baru?
A lot of people are asking me how do we keep this team  running and running every weeks. Yes, every weekend on Saturday morning there will always be a ride organised, and never missed for  MTB offroad. Anybody who are interested can present themselves infront Kedai Basikal D'Pallass, Jalan Hospital, Taman Suria, Jitra every Saturday Morning 7:30 sharp.

In fact, Gerek Baru is running on twin controller and double engine that keep the momentum moving forward.

The twin controller (the brains)
The twin carburator that keep pumping the fuel and the air to the engine are handled by Pudin TTG and Ustaz Raja. The two person are the embassador of Gerek Baru. They handle diplomatic works. They keep linking and contact with other team and riders. They are events manager and the brains. They manage the rides and communication and keep everybody informed. They handle all public relation jobs. Of all, they keep supplying the needed air and fuel to the team..

Ustaz Raja

Pudin TTG

The twin engine
The twin engine and the muscles of the team are handle by Senu and Yeh Palass. They keep the team running. They keep the tyre moving. They will lead the rides. They instill confidence in others. They keep complement each other to keep the team running. Brilliant works.

Yeh Palass and zaim banshee



Cycle for Health and Environment

17 December, 2010

A round 400 riders participated in this event organized by Lion Group Club and Alor Setar LM Bikers. The purposes are to instill health awareness and care for the environment. The event started at Stadium Alor Setar and went through Gunung Keriang and Kuala Kedah.

Senu and zaim taking a breadth after a 'hectic' ride
Nizam 'advancing asia team'
Ustaz Raja ambik berkat zaim yang baru balik Mekah
Pudin TTG

All photos credited to Ustaz Raja and Pudin TTG all rights reserved


Gerekbaru Likes Hamzani Ahmad

05 December, 2010

Hamzani Ahmad. A cross country rider based in Langkawi.

5th places in Langkawi International MTB Challenge XC Race 2010

In action in Langkawi International

In action in Jitra with gerekbaru at CP3 trail.

All photos credited to Pudin and Hamzani.


Mountain Biking Unlimited- Sedaaaarrrppp

04 December, 2010

Date: 04 December 2010

Trail: CP3 - Bukit Wang, Jitra, Kedah.

Kaki Kayuh : 15 Riders comprising Pudin, Senu, Art Tg Musang, Art TTBC, Cikgu Fisol, Nizam SP, Syam, Hamzani, Ustaz Raja, Adli UUM, zn , Yap Poli , Rizal RB and junior riders Hafiz and Aiman along.

I am pleased to see we are able to gather so many riders today of around 15 riders from as far as Sungai Petani, Alor Setar and Langkawi. Thanks also to our guest riders Nizam from SP, Cikgu Fisol and Hamzani of Langkawi who has shown that frienship has no boundry. Never forget to mention also the commitment shown by the individual namely Ustaz Raja , Pudin and Senu who always kick start the ride with enthusiasm. I'm hoping more people will adopt cycling as a healthy lifestyle and more youngsters will join us. Keep cranking.

Ready to roll

Junior riders : Adik Hafiz and Aiman along

Adli UUM


Nizam from SP

Cikgu Fisol

Pudin TTG

Yap Poli

Art Tg Musang just recover from broken collar bone a couple months ago

Man of the ride- Senu

Teh tarik session at the end of ride


Unending Pursuit

03 December, 2010

All photos credited to Online Malaysia Cycling Magazine


Trail Test Jerai Jamboree 2011

28 November, 2010

28 November 2010- A group of around 50 riders from Jitra to Sungai Petani were invited by Perwaja MTB to test the trail of Jerai MTB Jamboree which will be held on 16 January 2011.

Only one word I can describe this trail- fast and furious. I 'm enjoying every moment on this trail. Open wide and fast. Require full concentration on wheels. Long and exhausted climbing but rewarded with fast downhill. Cool and shady environment even at 12:00 midday. 100% ridable. Suitable to every level of riders expert and novice alike. Please visit Jerai MTB Jamboree page for more detail.

With Ustaz Raja, Jacob Toni and Zailani and Halim of Perwaja Team

Team from Sungai Petani

Senu and Cikgu Din

Ustaz Raja



Team Jitra with Abg Ramly SP on the right

Cornering skill

Abg Rani and Mrs from RCT

All photos taken from my camera, Ustaz Raja and Zailani.

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