MTB Superhighway- The Beginning

27 March, 2010

I'm very excited with this exploration. PudinTTG called me a day before and asked me to join the exploration along with Tandope to find a new trail linking Wang Perah in Changloon to Perik in Kuala Nerang. If the exploration is fruitful, there will be hundred of kilometre of MTB superhighway linking two districts in Northern Kedah that is Kubang Pasu and Padang Terap accross the mountainous and virgin jungle of the area. It will create a loop linking Ladang Jati Perik, Puncak Janing in Padang Terap/ Kuala Nerang with Wang Perah and Bukit Lebai Husin in Changloon. Yes, it is quite ambitious but achievable. " If the bird catchers and hunters in the area freely roaming from Wang Perah to Puncak Janing in Kuala Nerang in the jungle, there must be a way for bicycle to go through" Tandope said with full confidence.

Unfortunately, our exploration is only half way. Some people might say this exploration failed, but for me it is the beginning. One of the reasons we are unable to conclude this mission are there is no proper trail to guide us through unlike which is believed. It is totally virgin trail and must have proper mapping system to go through. We have to retreat because the risk is higher when we go deeper without proper guide.

So for next mission, we will engage a trail guide from the local people who are willing to cycle with us in the jungle, " if we have to hire them, then we will hire them, the mission must go through" said Tandope. The second thing is to bring Garmin mapping system along.

Anybody in Alor setar, Jitra, Changloon and the vicinity who are interested to share the cost of Garmin Mapping System can call PudinTTG 019-4800116. We are planning to buy Garmin System and share the cost with many riders. Anybody who contribute can use the Garmin freely of course the priority is for MTB exploration.

Dusun area

Nowhere to go




RUN10- Super Smooth Super Fast

14 March, 2010

Like I said before, Perlis RUN10 is a high pace race where the trail is design in such a way where the riders can speed from the beginning till the end with open wide route. I have nothing to say, meaning I have no complaint at all. Everything running smoothly with everythings in places. Two thump up to the organizer specifically Perlis MTB Club, that only because I only have two thump, if I have more I will give more.

I am very impresss with how well this event are organized. I had been following the development since the announcement in their blog. From that moment, they never turned back. They had made known to all the MTB community how serious they were to make this event successful. The promotion was well targeted. Every week they will release any new development about the event. The result, RUN10 attracted more than 1400 participants. Long Mie is an asset and synonym to this event. He represents RUN10 very well in Perlis MTB Blog. He answered all the questions with carefully choosed words diplomatically and sensibly.

Frankly I have nothing to say. It is worth of my money. Great Jersey. Beautiful ridable trail. Friendly people manning the trail. SUPER SMOOTH.

For more detail report and photo pls visit PudinTTG Blog


Perlis RUN10 Tips For Gerek Baru

11 March, 2010

Perlis RUN10 surely will be one of the fastest race on earth. For those Gerek Baru, here are some tips which might be useful.

1)Do have a breakfast in the early morning.
2)Do drink a lot of water during the race even not thirsty. The area is one of the hottest in this planet and the rate of dehydration is twice time faster than any other places.
3)Do bring something to cover your mouth and nose especially during the first half of the race especially around Ldg Tebu Trail because of red dust.
4)Do wear protective glasses/ sun glasses to avoid eyes irritation
5)Do bring quick released carbohydrate such as chocolate and kurma and constantly replenish your energy ( eat/chew every 15 minutes).

1)Do not over push your body. Know your limit.

1)The first half of the trail is very fast. This is where the riders try to leave a gap as far as possible. The second half of the trail will be lots of climbing. You need to replenish your energy (item 5 of do's above) to stay relevant on this stage.

1)The suitable tyres should be 1.9 to 2.1 for hardtail- not too big and not too small but with good grip to pass through dry and loose environment.
2)Do not use very very lite tyre because prone to pinch flat on road with small gravel around Ladang Tebu.
3)Do not over lubricate your chain in a dusty environment. Good if you can bring the lubricant for lubrication for smooth climbing on the second half of the race.

ENJOY YOUR RIDE and HAPPY to explore the northenmost part of this world.


Back To Own's Backyard

06 March, 2010

Picture taken from PudinTTG

After several week of riding outside, this week is time for looking after own's turf. The schedule are quite hectic for the last couple of week mostly fulfilling ride invitation and tied up ride with other riders. That was part of mission to establish link with other groups in the vicinity. It is good to see the MTB community is expanding beyond the growth of our economy.

Today I have the oppurtunity to test run the "trail in the making" Bukit Wang. This is my first eventhough some of us are part of the group that participate in the project. The trail is highly technical and require different skill of manouvering in between of roots and rock garden. Superb. Full credit should be given to Nasrol@Lontruth and all the team involved in the project. Not many people have the courage to do the thing but Nasrol@Lontruth and the Team have shown their love in the sport is beyond imigination and made it into reality.

From Bukit Wang, we trail through the rubber estate toward Bukit Payudara. The total distance of the track is about 30km with so many route can be explored further. We are in the midst of fine tuning this trail to make it more aggressive and to lenghten the way further. Hopefully by April we are ready to invite all MTB friends in this area for a "Jitra Mini Jamboree". There will be no fee at all and be our guest. The task of planning and groundwork is handed to PudinTTG and he will call a meeting and do the necessary with all the support given to him. More announcement will be broadcasted further.

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