Mountainbike Clinic At Jitra

28 April, 2012

Course Name: Basic Mountainbike Clinic
Organizer: Pejabat Belia Dan Sukan , Negeri Kedah.
Date: 26-28 April, 2012
Instructor: Mohd Nasron
Officiated By: Timbalan Pengarah, Jabatan Belia Dan Sukan, Negeri Kedah.

About 40 youth took part in basic mountainbike clinic at Hotel Darulaman, Jitra. They are taught about basic mountainbiking theory and also practice. The practice were done at Jitra Bike Park and CP3 trail. Gerek Baru Jitra also sent a team of riders to oversee the trail and guide the rider. The participants also were given the certificate after completing the course.

Nasron as the chief instructor showing the jumping technique
"I need something to overcome the fear factor, please.."
These are an unlicensed instructor
Steady Ustaz Raja
The Black and Red Team
Alias Dpallas showing basic survival skills


MTB Drivetrain- Cassettes

24 April, 2012

MTB cassettes come with different gearing ratio. The most widely used are 11-32T and 11-34T. What does that means. 11-32 is the number of teeth from smallest cog to the biggest cog. This mean the smallest cog has 11 teeth and the biggest cog has 32 teeth. So, 11-34T mean the biggest cog has 34 teeth , the extra 2 teeth.

For Shimano cassette 9 speed drivetrain, the lower range Shimano Deore has only 11-32T cassette. Only on higher range like XT and XTR they have the 11-34T.

On my bike drivetrain, I only use Shimano Deore from crank, chain, shifter, brake and everything except cassette because I want to use the 11-34T of which Deore do not have. XT cassette is quite expensive. I chooses SRAM PG970 11-34T and the price is about the same as Shimano Deore cassette.

From my experience, the 11-34T work well with shorter crank arm 170mm in conquering steep hill. You can spin the crank faster and lighter and control your motion better on steeper peak.

For more information on crank arm length, you can click here


Crank Arm Length

22 April, 2012

Crank set

I am going to discuss about the different crank arm length and the performance of mountain bike. Please bear in mind that mountain bike performance is dependent on the person and not on the engine like motorbike. So, it is very subjective. 

Crank arm

Crank arm comes with different length from 180mm, 175mm, 170mm, 165mm, 160mm and the most widely use by majority of riders is 175mm in length. About 98% of Gerek Baru riders use 175mm crank length. For me, I chooses shorter 170mm over the other length because of several reasons even though I used to have 175mm before.

I am not going to elaborate on mathematical formula in calculating the drive ratio between front teeth (also crank arm length) and rear teeth. I am more interested in sharing my experiences.

Longer crank arm 175mm- more speed and of course higher top speed, more horse power. 

Shorter crank arm 170mm- more torque, more acceleration, more pick-up, faster acceleration, more pulling power especially on climbing and wind resistance.

Since my biking styles more on off-road riding, 170mm is the best for me. I am not for top speed but I need more torque for climbing. Also from my experience, 170mm gives me more control when climbing a steep curves. You are able to slow down your speed and at the same time in control of your motion on steep curve because of shorter pedal stroke, thus taking deep breath in style.

For those with knee pain, you should consider using shorter crank arm length to avoid injury. The knee will less bend either on top or bottom of pedal stroke.


Gerek Baru Attitude

10 April, 2012

Gerek Baru Jitra has a rich history of mountainbiking. We have trained and developed several layers of riders all accross Jitra. We also opened up several routes and tracks all accross hilly and jungles that most people never imagined. We have spent most of our precious time cutting through way developing mountainbiking for next generation of riders. Gerek Baru has an attitude. People will come and go, the attitude remains.

There are certain characteristic which are distinct. There are different way of doing things. The way of socializing and greeting people. The way communication and confrontation are handle. There are so distinct. These are attitude. Gerek Baru attitude. The attitude to move to the next level.

If you got no attitude, please stay behind. Because after this, walk with attitude, ride with attitude, smile with attitude.

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