Bukit Tunjang The Hidden Trail

05 May, 2010

During my childhood, I used to trek Bukit Tunjang every durian season with all the villagers. We will bring all the foods and supplies for a day long picnic in the uphill. The owners of the dusun will collect all the durian and all the villagers can have a taste of the fruits. It was like a small fiesta uphill. As the time goes by, it was just a sweet memory left.

At the peak of Bukit Tunjang, there was a big stone for about the size of a car named Batu Tok Putih. I never saw it because the adult would made a lot of reasons not to bring us to the place. I was told the stone was keramat, haunted and lots of people went to make a wishes. Now as I speak to several villagers, they said the stone never exist and people at the time just made up the story. Is it true or they just want to deny it?

I know from my chilhood memory, there were lots of beautiful trail suitable for mountainbike inside Bukit Tunjang. The trail up and down connecting the dusun like a spider web. I started to gather some information from the villagers who were familiar with the inside of the area. As a start, I choosed the south side of the hill because it was close to the main road.

I can't believe it from my eyes. How come I neglected this place before? I never see the beautiful trail like this before. The inside are soo cool where the trail cut through the durian trees, some climbing and long downhill perfectly blended. Unfortunately, the trail a bit short. I am still thinking the way to connect the south side with the north side. From information, the north side trail is much longer and challenging. The trail can be connected to the dusun area in Bukit Padang Perahu.

I believe, what I have seen only 5% of the picture. So, all the mountainbikers in this area, are you all ready for the next mission?

gorgeous single trail

Trail cutting through durian and petai trees

Walaupun ditebuk tupai, masih berharga?


Anonymous said...

salam bro,quite long time x visited our dusun at the peak of bukit tunjang.kalau organise ride trip ni ok jgk

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