Bob aka dabomb

05 October, 2009

Name : Bob

Hometown Sg Petani but Jitra his playground

Favorite food: noodles type, koayteow kung fu, soups and thais

Favorite pastime: cycling and bowling

Industry: Banker

What do you like see improvement on biking community? Want to have a biking lane on all the road in our town centre, encourage more people cycle to work, cleaner and safer town.

Future cycling project : Tour de Kedah =Jitra- Kodiang- Kuala Sanglang- Kuala Jerlun- Kuala Kedah- Kuala Sala- Yan- Merbok- Kuala Muda- Penaga- Jambatan Merdeka- Kuala Ketil - Baling -Sik- Pedu- Kuala Nerang- Jitra.


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