Razi aka Kodiang

03 October, 2009

Team Gerek Baru would like to welcome Razi aka Kodiang to the team. Onamaiwa Razi aka Kodiang aka sin can aka hait san aka kikoman... all can be associated with him. Razi aka kodiang join the ride with Gerek Baru Team when in Jitra but when went back to his wife hometown in Pahang, he join the ride with Atok Mtb Team .......ape ape je lah, janji hang kayuh sudah.

Favorite food : sushi ikan mentah, nasi + ikan rendam dalam kicap kikoman

Home town : Kodiang but now stay in Jitra

Highest mountain ever climbed : Mount Fuji ( ambik gambar berlatar belakang Mt Fuji je.. )

Industry : Engineering

Language spoken : Malay, broken English and Japanese

MTB experience : one year


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