The Best Of 2010

30 December, 2010

Trail Category- Jamboree/ Cross Country Race
There are several nominees in this category. Among the top in the list are Perlis RUN10, Kuala Kangsar Jamboree, Kayuh Lasak 2010 and Nibong Tebal Jamboree. Of all, Gerek Baru chooses Nibong Tebal Jamboree 2010 as the best trail of the year. Nibong Tebal Jamboree truly bring the riders satisfaction to the maximum limit. There are varieties of trail profile with different harshness  level and the distance is just nice to the average level of riders. The trail is all ridable with complex combination of climbing and aggressive downhill. Nibong Tebal also attracted the highest participants ever in any jamboree in Malaysia.

Event Management Category
Wthout hesitation and with absolute consensus, Gerek Baru selects Perlis Ride Up North 2010 as the best managed event/ jamboree in 2010. The event looks almost perfect with everythings were put in its places. The choices of trail, the check point, the water station, the people manning the station, all are properly selected with riders in mind. Affordable accomodation in the hostel also provided for outstation riders. Perlis RUN10 creates a new benchmark for others to compare.

The Most Awaited Cycling Event of The Year
The most awaited cycling event of the year goes to UUM Bike Challenge 2010. It is known for good quality jersey, shimano prestige and lots of sponsors for lucky draw.

The Most Prominent Figure In 2010
The most prominent and highly respected figure in the cycling community especially in the North goes to Abg Ramly SP. Gerek Baru sees him as a person who can bridge the gap between different generations and also between many branches of cycling. He is consistent year by year and he commands and moves the things.

For other categories, please let me know your vote!


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