Grown Up in 2010

23 December, 2010

2010 is year of growth. We are growing up. Like a small kid, we are courious. We like to try new things. Nothing is wrong and perfect for newcomers like us. We are learning and listening. We crank with everybody and anybody.

Gerek Baru is growing up. 2010 can be described as expansion year for the team. The team managed to show its present in every cycling events around. A lot of thanks to high dedication showed by every members. This team never formalised. A sense of belonging and love of cycling keep the team intact. I am happy with the way it is.

Who is running Gerek Baru?
A lot of people are asking me how do we keep this team  running and running every weeks. Yes, every weekend on Saturday morning there will always be a ride organised, and never missed for  MTB offroad. Anybody who are interested can present themselves infront Kedai Basikal D'Pallass, Jalan Hospital, Taman Suria, Jitra every Saturday Morning 7:30 sharp.

In fact, Gerek Baru is running on twin controller and double engine that keep the momentum moving forward.

The twin controller (the brains)
The twin carburator that keep pumping the fuel and the air to the engine are handled by Pudin TTG and Ustaz Raja. The two person are the embassador of Gerek Baru. They handle diplomatic works. They keep linking and contact with other team and riders. They are events manager and the brains. They manage the rides and communication and keep everybody informed. They handle all public relation jobs. Of all, they keep supplying the needed air and fuel to the team..

Ustaz Raja

Pudin TTG

The twin engine
The twin engine and the muscles of the team are handle by Senu and Yeh Palass. They keep the team running. They keep the tyre moving. They will lead the rides. They instill confidence in others. They keep complement each other to keep the team running. Brilliant works.

Yeh Palass and zaim banshee



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