New Roaring Year Message From Gerek Baru

11 February, 2010

Gerek Baru wish all our friends, associates, followers, readers, supporters and every MTB communities and all Malaysian a happy and prosperous new year.....Gong Xi Fa Chai.

The economy shows some sign of recovery but at a modest rate. There will be no more pump primming from the government. For those who like stock market, forget about construction and manufacturing sector. Focus more on banking, utility, oil/gas and plantation. Of all, banking is my favorite and any counter is considered good. Banking stocks are the first to move substantially in any economic recovery. Watch up for Alliance, RHBcap, AMMB and Affin. Don't close your eyes on EONCap, a target takeover and improved balance sheet,income and every ratio shows an improvement.

The economy this year will be driven by private sector and mostly by the new enterpreneurs in food/staples products and specialized/niche/IT/Brain related. Forget about low cost mass manufacturing which are finding too costly to operate here.

If you want to venture into business, choose leisure/sport/health related business. Most malaysian are becoming health conscious and have more money to spend on leisure. Air Asia will have a brisk sales this year because more people will travel and holidays. Do watch Air Asia stock too. Bicycle shops too must stock up their inventory this year because more Malaysian will opt for cycling because it is seen as healthy.


Acong Fikri said...

nice comment bout the stock... next time we can share some idea, analysis n some profitable stock to buy! :p

really like when u touch bout Ratio analysis.. good to have some knowledge bout the ratio analysis for stock exchange..

zn said...

I am not that good in stock and like your idea about sharing. Sharing is about giving and learning at the same time. I am a trained investmest analyst but when the stock market collapsed several years and years ago, i'm also collapsed..ha..ha. Now I would rather cycling and watch the stock and hoping for the next crisis because there is the opportunity.

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