Gerek Baru Announced Participation In Kayuhan Terang Malam

13 February, 2010


Gerek Baru will send a full team of riders to Kayuhan Terang Malam- Kulim Jamboree on 01/05/2010. This is a show of support and commitment from us toward MTB's community in Kulim and Malaysia as a whole. This kind of healthy event should be encouraged because it bring all people from all background together.

The closing of entry is on 15/03/2010, so hurry up and fill in the form which is available at Kedai Basikal D'Pallas, Taman Suria, Jitra. All riders are encouraged to register under our banner because we can collect all the goddies for you under the team and we also can administer your lucky draw under the team. The important thing is 'peace of mind'. So, any riders from the vicinity can register under Gerek Baru Team.


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