Attention Mountainbikers- Road or Offroad?

08 June, 2010

I had known a lot of mountainbiker groups in this area. I also had the chance rode with them. Some of the groups only ride on road while the other only ride offroad. It is their choice and preference.

A good mountainbiker should balance road and offroad in their training. Road training is for endurance while offroad training is for power. Power and endurance work hand in hand in mountain biking.

Offroad rider develope power through rigorous muscle coordination during climbing. Offroad climbing is totally different from onroad climbing. In offroad climbing, you must maintain certain speed limit otherwise you will off-balance. A lot of muscle power are used in a very short time to accomplish the task. Offroad rider is like a car with bigger engine but with very limited fuel and cannot go far. Thus, newcomers like us should consider road training as part of routine ride to develope endurance, mental stiffness and attitude.

In order to overcome all those shortcomings, mountainbikers should balance road and offroad in their trainings. Good luck to Gerek Baru in Haadyai Jamboree this weekend.


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