Teluk Batik Jamboree

14 March, 2011

Family Jamboree at Teluk Batik. Family jamboree and also MTB Jamboree for 10 families drove all the way from Jitra to Lumut. It is school holiday anyway. The fathers went for 60 degree MTB climbing and zero gravity downhill ( some called it parachuting downhill) and the mothers and children went for beach swimming at Teluk Batik. Thank God we safely completed the jamboree and enjoy the vacation.

Teluk Batik Jamboree track only about 32KM  where the first 18-20 KM comprised of flat road around Teluk Batik and seaside road. The last 10KM was the hot topic of the day. It is hard to describe about this trail. It ended up so abruptly. It was ok at the beginning which was quite fast with flat road around seaside  and suddenly the riders approached the off road and had to climb very steep climbing which I bet nobody can climb it. Then the 'parachute downhill' was waiting for them. Suddenly the trail ended. It is just like "nak bersin tapi tak jadi". This is how I feel about this trail. The trail is not that bad but the design is bad.

The organizer had shown high commitment and the food was excellent.

Super killing downhill only for the the people who are shortminded.

Picture credited to Pudin TTG- Thank You Pudin for the professional photo.
Thank You also to our  MTB Model Ustaz Raja for the professional look.

If you all want to know how steep the climbing is, look at the below picture credited to Rosdan Ramli. Look at the rider legs.

The trail and profile credited to Rosdan Ramli of Primariders


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