Kedah Downhill Challenge 2011- A promising Debut

30 May, 2011

A good debut for Gerek Baru in Darulaman Downhill Challenge 2011- Malaysia Downhill Superseries 3rd legs. Gerek baru represented by Naqiyuddin aka Din Commencal in hardtail category. We believe in learning the hard way and the hardtail is our choice. Eventhough our rider clocked a dissapointed time because of crashed at rock garden, the exposure in high pace racing was valuable. You have the guts and make us proud. You started the hard way, and the rest will be easy. It is a matter of time the efforts will be realised. Hopefully next time we will be better prepared.

Naqiyuddin aka Din Commencal

Everything went wrong , tire punctured in morning session trial

Injured when crashed at rock garden

The infamous rock garden


The launcher

The tragedy

The winner of elite category-Ditra Prinata of Polygon Racing Indonesia outpaced Adam Ahmad of Malaysia Fakawi Banshee Team and Tan Hung Choon of Singapore.


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