Ready for big event?

09 October, 2011

Kayuhan Sejahtera Kedah 2011 (KSK 2011) already past. It is really a testing ground for us. Are we ready for big event? There are lot of things need to be sorted out. We had overlooked some of minor details. Of course it is not that matter for such a small event like KSK, but it will be notiecable in big event. A learning curve.

As far as the marshalls is concerned, I know that we have a team of dedicated peoples ready to be deployed in the field. They are experience and responsible and know exactly what should be done. They have high teamwork spirit and run on nothing than the love of the sport and the name of Jitra. Salute.

Thank to AdiHarriman, Khaw Eng Soon and Nazri for the professional photos.


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