Hard Tail or Full Suspension

15 November, 2011

There are two important criteria that need to be answered before you choose to migrate from hard tail to full suspension bike.

Know your riding preference
What is your riding parameter that you enjoy most?First, are you more incline on cross country ride which is fast and less technical? Second, are you more incline on trail riding which are more technical and manouverability?

If the answer for the first is yes, then you should stick to hardtail. If the second question is yes, you should consider full suspension bike. However, if the answer for both questions above is YES, you should consider HARDTAIL.

Because hardtail is versatile. You can live in both world. But remember my word. It is better you upgrade your hardtail to the maximum rather than buying the full suspension at the minimum. Confused?? Let me elaborate. You can get a very good hartail at around RM5K, so don't buy a full suspension bike for a price less than RM5K.

If you don't agree with me, then you can buy both model but only if you have a good budget.


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