Tribute to Pudin TTG

07 November, 2011

Narito Sipudeen, Pudin TTG, Pudin altrekis, Pudin kwela..all refer to the same person, the real name Saifuddin from Titi Gajah, Alor Setar. Started rode with Gerek Baru in 2009 and since then never looking back and continue to make an impact in the cycling community in Jitra and Alor Setar.

Gerek Baru is proud to be the platform for ambitious and forward looking rider like him to excel and make contribution to the cycling community. He has participated in a lot of project involving cycling events in the Northern Kedah specifically Jitra. Among them Kedah Jamboree, Kedah Downhill Challenge and Kayuhan Sejahtera Kedah.

Saifuddin also active as a blogger with his own blog Pudin TTG which registered an average of 300 hits every day. Beside, he also the admin of Kedah Downhill blog and recently he took over the admin of RedFlag Cycle blog. For info, RedFlag blog is one of the oldest and respectful MTB blog in Kedah.

Saifuddin is a great example of Gerek Baru product, a platform for development and excellent. When I created Gerek Baru, these two things were in my mind.

Saifuddin had contributed a lot to the Gerek Baru. He was the mastermind. He had wide contact around cycling community. He created and moved things. He was the master of networkings.

Gerek Baru would like to wish Saifuddin a succesful outcome in every endeavor he make in his cycling life and journey ahead. Whatever project he will embark in the future, a rich history between us will benefit both parties. Very reluctant to say, Gerek Baru is ready to let him move on. In physical, Gerek Baru will loose him but in reality we are expanding and ready to collaborate. Life is an evolution and changes are inevitable.
Ustaz Raja already filled the vacume left by Pudin as the mover and 'Raja atur kayuh' Gerek Baru. All the energy and support will be given to him. 


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