In Memory of My Late Sister

15 August, 2009

Almost every year when Ramadhan is coming, my feeling get excited since this is the time I feel so close to the Almighty. This also the time I reassess my works for the whole year. Is it what I have done enough to be considered a good servant? Definitely I have a long way to go. I'm working on it.

Ramadhan also will bring back memory of my late sister who already left us 11 years ago in 1998... Al Fatihah, may Allah bless you and put you among assolihah. She got into coma because of excessive bleeding when delivering her baby boy. Her baby was saved and raised by my mother and already 11 years old.

My late sister left a big impact in my life. She is strong, big hearted, motivated, caring, .....everythings. She managed to persuade my father to buy her a motorbike scrambler Yamaha Enduro 125 in the 70's. Can we imagine a girl rode a scrambler in that time. She got married to a very successful businessman (now ) in Alor Setar. Her last posting was at SMK Keat Hwa. Among other schools she taught were SMK Sultanah Asma and SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Mergong. Today 15/8/09 her third daughter will get married in Alor Setar. I will get busy for this week.

.....I just can't go on writing....I feel..5 ,.f7j


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