Mountain Biking As A Lifestyle

26 August, 2009

I never regret choosing mountain biking as my favorite thing-to-do to fill in my leisure time year ago. I'm not only enjoying pedalling but I'm choosing a healthy lifestyle. I'm enjoying a healthier life now compare to a year ago. My level of fitness improves a lot so does my productivity at works.

Mountain biking perfectly complement my love toward natures, outdoor and extreme activities. I loves to see natures at work, the peoples, the foods, the life, the courage, the touch.....everythings. These all the things you have to experience it in order to appreciate.

Since embracing the lifestyle, I'm more health conscious than ever before. I'm eating more first level food chain i.e more vege and fruits and cutting down on meat and fats. Instead I'm eating more fish to supply the protein.

I'm glad I'm choosing mountain biking as a lifestyle. I'm choosing a healthier lifestyle. I'm looking forward to more exciting journey and experience.


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