RUN10- Super Smooth Super Fast

14 March, 2010

Like I said before, Perlis RUN10 is a high pace race where the trail is design in such a way where the riders can speed from the beginning till the end with open wide route. I have nothing to say, meaning I have no complaint at all. Everything running smoothly with everythings in places. Two thump up to the organizer specifically Perlis MTB Club, that only because I only have two thump, if I have more I will give more.

I am very impresss with how well this event are organized. I had been following the development since the announcement in their blog. From that moment, they never turned back. They had made known to all the MTB community how serious they were to make this event successful. The promotion was well targeted. Every week they will release any new development about the event. The result, RUN10 attracted more than 1400 participants. Long Mie is an asset and synonym to this event. He represents RUN10 very well in Perlis MTB Blog. He answered all the questions with carefully choosed words diplomatically and sensibly.

Frankly I have nothing to say. It is worth of my money. Great Jersey. Beautiful ridable trail. Friendly people manning the trail. SUPER SMOOTH.

For more detail report and photo pls visit PudinTTG Blog


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