Perlis RUN10 Tips For Gerek Baru

11 March, 2010

Perlis RUN10 surely will be one of the fastest race on earth. For those Gerek Baru, here are some tips which might be useful.

1)Do have a breakfast in the early morning.
2)Do drink a lot of water during the race even not thirsty. The area is one of the hottest in this planet and the rate of dehydration is twice time faster than any other places.
3)Do bring something to cover your mouth and nose especially during the first half of the race especially around Ldg Tebu Trail because of red dust.
4)Do wear protective glasses/ sun glasses to avoid eyes irritation
5)Do bring quick released carbohydrate such as chocolate and kurma and constantly replenish your energy ( eat/chew every 15 minutes).

1)Do not over push your body. Know your limit.

1)The first half of the trail is very fast. This is where the riders try to leave a gap as far as possible. The second half of the trail will be lots of climbing. You need to replenish your energy (item 5 of do's above) to stay relevant on this stage.

1)The suitable tyres should be 1.9 to 2.1 for hardtail- not too big and not too small but with good grip to pass through dry and loose environment.
2)Do not use very very lite tyre because prone to pinch flat on road with small gravel around Ladang Tebu.
3)Do not over lubricate your chain in a dusty environment. Good if you can bring the lubricant for lubrication for smooth climbing on the second half of the race.

ENJOY YOUR RIDE and HAPPY to explore the northenmost part of this world.


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