MTB Superhighway- The Beginning

27 March, 2010

I'm very excited with this exploration. PudinTTG called me a day before and asked me to join the exploration along with Tandope to find a new trail linking Wang Perah in Changloon to Perik in Kuala Nerang. If the exploration is fruitful, there will be hundred of kilometre of MTB superhighway linking two districts in Northern Kedah that is Kubang Pasu and Padang Terap accross the mountainous and virgin jungle of the area. It will create a loop linking Ladang Jati Perik, Puncak Janing in Padang Terap/ Kuala Nerang with Wang Perah and Bukit Lebai Husin in Changloon. Yes, it is quite ambitious but achievable. " If the bird catchers and hunters in the area freely roaming from Wang Perah to Puncak Janing in Kuala Nerang in the jungle, there must be a way for bicycle to go through" Tandope said with full confidence.

Unfortunately, our exploration is only half way. Some people might say this exploration failed, but for me it is the beginning. One of the reasons we are unable to conclude this mission are there is no proper trail to guide us through unlike which is believed. It is totally virgin trail and must have proper mapping system to go through. We have to retreat because the risk is higher when we go deeper without proper guide.

So for next mission, we will engage a trail guide from the local people who are willing to cycle with us in the jungle, " if we have to hire them, then we will hire them, the mission must go through" said Tandope. The second thing is to bring Garmin mapping system along.

Anybody in Alor setar, Jitra, Changloon and the vicinity who are interested to share the cost of Garmin Mapping System can call PudinTTG 019-4800116. We are planning to buy Garmin System and share the cost with many riders. Anybody who contribute can use the Garmin freely of course the priority is for MTB exploration.

Dusun area

Nowhere to go




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