Gerek Baru Elite Rider Development

28 September, 2010

Gerek Baru is committed to bring the mountainbiking activity accessible to the young generation and at the same time to excel this sport to the next level. As such, Gerek Baru invite all young blood men and women from Jitra and its sorrounding to join our elite rider development programme. The programme will be under Gerek Baru Cycling Development.

1)Men and women age 25 and below.
2)Interested in mountainbike/ cycling.
3)Able to follow rigorous training and development programmes.

What we offer you:
1)Training and development by experience riders from the team
2)A trainee who meet the minimum standard set by the team will be sponsored to ride in any selected mountainbiking events, race and jamboree. The selected trainee also will use the team specially built MTB machine for the race.

What is your obligations:
1)If selected, the trainee will represent Gerek Baru Team, wear Gerek Baru jersey and will ride under Gerek Baru Racing Team. Of all, all will be sponsored.

If you are interested, come and ride with us every saturday morning and bring along your bicycle (any brands, any speeds doesn't matter). What matter us is your enthusiasm to excel. Any enquiry, please visit Kedai Basikal D'Pallas, Jalan Hospital Taman Suria, Jitra, Kedah or call Gerekbaru Team Coordinators Ustaz Raja at 017-3636779 or PudinTTG.

Gerekbaru is working with several local business leaders and individuals for fund and collaboration towards realising this project and will announces any development soon.


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