Trail Jitra - Ladang Jati Perik, Kuala Nerang

08 January, 2011

Jitra-Jati Perik at EveryTrail

Trail Information.

Start and end point- Kedai Basikal D'Palas, Taman Suria, Jitra
Distance: 50KM return
Road and off road

Gerek Baru with collaboration with all riders from Alor Setar, Jitra and Changloon from time to time will publish all the trail in this area for reference. The project is part of an effort to promote mountainbiking as a healthy activities for the community. Besides, it is also important for all the trail be documented for future reference and can be shared amongst the MTB community. Everybody are allowed to use and share the link in anyway but a proper credit should be given to Gerek Baru. Everytrail had been chosen as a platform for sharing because of flexibility and ease of access through the web based application.


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