Kayuh Sokmo- Super Thrill Trail

28 February, 2011

On 27 February 2011, Jeli, Kelantan a cool and windy town located in mountainous area of Banjaran Titiwangsa was heated up with about 850 riders participated in Jeli MTB Jamboree or Kayuh Sokmo Jeli.

Thumps up to the organizer of Jeli Jamboree 2011. Operations side need some improvement but that was only small matters.  What was more important, the organizer really knew the in and out of true mountainbiking. They really knew what Jeli can offered- the full adrenalin trail of excitement.

The trail definitely not for the beginners. It was full of actions which required advance skills of handling and training. The trail covered every aspect of areas including technical ride, endurance and mental. The trail is in our top lists so far for this year. From scale of 1-5 stars, I  chooses 6 because it exceeds expectation. Eventhough we had traveled far from Jitra to Jeli, we drove back with full satisfaction.


Aku dan Basikal said...

lagi teruk dari Jamboree Seri Iskandar ke... tapi ada sungai bleh mandi sejukkan badan.....

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