The Real Test

19 February, 2011

Leave behind the theory, the real test what matters. As we always ride deep inside the jungle and hilly areas, we are always exposed to various risks and unwanted things. The main question, are we able to bring out the riders inside the deep hilly areas in time in case of accident? Again, are we able to mobilize the personel and assets in time? 'In time' is very important because 'out of time' will make things different.

Today eleven riders took part exploring the aggressive CP3 trail. Everybody were so fresh and excited to complete the trail. Unfortunately, one of the riders fall off the bike and seriously injured in one of the downhill. Thanks to every riders who had demonstrated professional attitude. Everybody knew their role. We had despatched 2 riders to quickly ride out of the jungle to get help. A rubber tappers offered their motorbike to bring out the injured rider. At the same time, SOS SMS was sent out to reach a network of Jitra Riders in Jitra. Within 20 minutes, Cikgu Wan of Red Flag came with 4WD and went through the logging trail to reach the place of incident. Badrisyam also who happened to ride near the area stanby with his car at the main road. The rider was safely brought out and sent for treatment.

Thank to every riders in Jitra for the high commitment shown. "United We Win, Divided We Fall".


Zul airforce

Ready for ride

The incident

The rescue

The opportunist - RM8.00 a kilo


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