In Search of a Perfect Trail

07 November, 2009

We love to ride but the constraint is time. We cannot ride everyday because we don't have the time. We can't ride all day long on every weekend because we have other things to do. So, when we ride we need a good quality ride that can satisfy both the time constraint and adrenalin pumping action.

Today trailblazing ride in search of perfect trail designed to solve those basic problem. We combined two trail namely Bukit Wang Trail and Jati Pallas Trail into one and we named it Wang Pallas Trail. Bukit Wang Trail starts at the back of Bukit Wang Forest Reserve comprising half tarmac climbing and half off road climbing and steep downhill straight through the Rimba Rekreasi Bukit Wang and exit at the front gate of the recreational facility. In tandem with the status of the forest reserve, we spotted two babi hutan running wildly crossing the trail in front of our bike. Luckily no unwanted incident happened otherwise I don't know what to do. Then, we continued the ride to Jati Pallass trail which was 100% pure off road climbing and downhill and on the way back we took rubber estate trail around Binjal area heading toward paddy field area in Paya Tok Teh straight back to Taman Suria, Jitra. Total trail distance is 35 KM and can take 2-2.5 hours to complete. Just nice!!! It has all the right ingredients.

As usual, this trailblazing ride was lead by Yeh D'Pallass and supported by Senu, Zaim, Cikgu Lotfi, Sham, at bata, zn and two 'rider cilik' Amirul Aiman and Audi. I am impress with our 'rider cilik' because of their right attitude- never give up, quick to response, far sighted and anticipate the unanticipated. These are the future rider with the winning attitude.

We would like to thanks Bro Saifuddin and his son who came all the way from Titi Gajah, Alor Setar just to join our ride. We feel so please and excited to welcome you and bring along with your vast experience in MTB and Kelab Rekreasi Kedah.

Bro Saifuddin (left) Camera shyed blogger (right)

From left: Cikgu Lotfi,adik amirul,zaim and senu

Bukit wang trail

Jati Pallas Trail


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