Kayuh Lasak Ladang Jati Perik

06 December, 2009

A row of rider ketegar Jitra a.k.a rider D'Pallas a.k.a rider hantu air
From left: cikgu Lotfi, zaim, senu, newcomer cikgu madi, syam GFisher, pudin TTG and zn@gerekbaru. Photo copyright of saifuddin

On 04/12/09, a group of riders from Jitra completed a mission of conquering the Ladang Jati Perik, kuala Nerang. For me, this was my first time on the trail but not to some of the riders like senu, zaim and cikgu lotfi who always on this trails with Red Flag riders.

My first impression, this trail is superb no wonder the Red Flag Team never get bored pedalling days and night on her. The foreplay parts introduced you with long climbing and also rewarded with long downhill. The trail become a bit technical on the last 40% with steep downhill and climbing. Its truly bring me to the climax with multiple ejaculation especially with my new air shox. Zaim and Senu always reminded me not to apply any brake during DH for safety. At first I thought they were joking, only when I was thrown out off my bike on one of the downhill then I know what's that mean. I learned something 'brake can kill you', do not stop the momentum at its height. This is where bike control at high speed is important which I'm still learning.

I am looking forward for a more enjoyable ride on this trail. Learning process will never stop. The more you ride, the more ......??don't know.

For a more report on this ride, please visit Pudin MTB blog


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