Lebai Husin ...At Last

03 January, 2010


Bukit Lebai Husin, Sintok situated at the back of UUM campus close to the Thai border. Thank god it is only Lebai Husin not Haji Husin. Overall mission was accomplished. Only on the last 10% climbing to the finished line, only a handful of riders able to make it, the rest decided to retreat but not surrender..including me he..he.. Some of the riders lost in the logging trails on the way back and had to return to the top. Thank to chief de mission Tandope for his expertise on the area, still able to recall some of the routes and quick decision.

The mission organized by Tandope and the changlon riders. Very successful, lots of water refill station and nasi lemak.. bravooo (tak nyesal aku pakai jersey taiping jamboree)

Changlun riders- Tandope(chief de mission), rushdone, azizul, achik and amir plus.
Jitra ketegar riders- zn, cikgu lotfi, pudin and sham gfisher.
Perlis riders- Abg Ron, mat doha and at nxt
Alor setar- at and at of tanjung musang
Red flag- nasron lontruth and wan blitz(pro photographer)
Support- 2 trail guides with one 4WD

man of the week famous all around asia

In front of communist tunnel- muka sorang sorang pun macam komunis




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