Squeeze Money Anyone?

16 January, 2010



Today 7 Jitra ketegar riders came up all the way from Alor Setar and Jitra to Changloon to feel the thrill of Wang Perah Trail. Some people call this trail 'squeeze money ', what I know this trail truly squeeze my sweat out with long climbing and long long downhill. This ride is part of our mission to foster close relationship with other riders in the vicinity and also to run away from boredom out of our routine ride.

We would like to thank Tandope Yati Sram of being a host to this event. This event shows that a lot of progress can be made from our visit. Jitra and Changloon area are not that far and has a lot of mountainous terrain good for mountainbike trail. Bukit Wang, Wang Perah and Sintok are part of the same terrain which will create hundred of kilometre of fun thrill trail if can be linked together. May be it is worth to map 'garmin' this area properly. A rather ambitious project...??


Acong Fikri said...

aku ada kelas pg td.. esok pauh....

zn said...

Tak pe kita paham, lain kali kita pegi lagi sampai ke air terjun. Itu hari tak sempat sbab tandope nk pegi KL sebelah petang, so kita skip yg air terjun tu.

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