Endless Trail To Excitement

05 April, 2010

I was told the Garmin already arrived. I never use this gadget before except the simple GPS navigation system for city traffic uses. This new Garmin is packed with more advanced features suitable for trail exploration. Definitely will take sometime to familirize with the things.

I am not giving all the hope to the technology which is sometime misleading. At the same time I am not denying either their usefulness. It is only 10% of the rest. What gives me the fuel is a line of dedicated team of mountainbikers who are ready to face the challenge and make a sacrifice for the betterment of this sport.

It is a big waste also if the exploration and new finding is kept to ourselves only. There will be no flow of idea if we keep it to secret. People will not be able to comment. There will be no improvement. What is important, the findings and details must be documented and people can access to the document with ease. It will be refered and quoted by anybody who are interested about the subject. One of the good reference about mountainbiking trail in Malaysia can be found in Adiharriman.com.

Here are some of the future projects on hand

1)a)Wang Perah to Bukit Wang
b)Wang Perah to Ladang Jati Perik
c)Wang Perah to Puncak Janing in Kuala Nerang.
and a trail linking this 3 places together (the idea from Tandope.com)
2)Muda Kuari-Bukit Tunjang-Bukit Padang Perahu along the dusun area connected Bukit Tunjang and Bukit Padang Perahu in Tunjang, Kedah.
3)Expanding the area of Ladang Jati, Perik, Kuala Nerang, Kedah.
4)Detail documented trail of Jati Pallas trail which include Bukit Wang-CP3-Jati Palas-Bukit Dogoi loop in Jitra, Kedah.
5)Documented trail of trek balak which include jalan paip gas Taman Tunku Sarina, Jitra-Kg Kota Mengkuang-Kampung Keda, Wang Tepus to CP3 Bukit Malau, Jitra.

For those interested readers, do not forget to check regularly on this blog, PudinTTG and Tandope.com for the update of this project.


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