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09 September, 2009

I,m glad to announce the completion of migration from old theme to a new theme for this blog. Thank to ourblogtemplate for the great design and helpful assistance. I'm attracted to this design. Neat, clean looking, straight forward, 2 column and flexible. Has a lot of gadgets and expandable for future expansion...aha now know already what i'm thinking about.

The Gerek Baru logo still unchange. The orange radiance shows freshness and energy. The color and the logo will be the trademark for this blog. Also, in just three month since starting blogging, gerek baru word is on first page of Google search engine. Just type gerek baru in google search, it will be displayed on first page...maybe the mat salleh never use this kind of word so less competition..don't bother much about this.

This also marks my seriousness toward blogging. I'm committed to keep this blog running. I'm committed to update fellow MTB's with my straightforwad writing. I'm here to stay. I'm here to give my small part toward cheering up the Malaysia MTB's world.

This blog is not only about mountainbiking. It is about sharing of experiences and interests with others. If we learn the hard way to achieve something, why don't we share with others the easy way to go...! Any comments?


mulan said...

Selamat hari raya and salam untuk your wife.

Raya I tak balik but most probably end of the year akan balik for my data collection.

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