UUM XC 2009 Review

19 July, 2009

....ni dia baru jumpa gambar dok tengah duduk minum, ambik dari blog Gerek Gunung

Overall I'm quite satisfied with my performance in this race. I'm able to compete effectively and put myself in the middle of the group considering this is my first race. My machine is superb. Smooth transition and clean braking forces effectively delivers raw power side by side with other expensive machines. The 2.0 tire with motorcross pattern fits perfectly in this muddy and wet condition. Shimano deore drivetrain never dissapoints me, inexpensive but get the job done. I have no complaint at all.

The trail is excellent with 95% rideble... the only problem is me......MTB mai tolak basikal. .....Next year ride???..will think about it.....


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