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14 June, 2009

One of my hobby during free time is building an MTB from scratches. I set out my objective in advance. The objective is to get race quality components at the lowest possible price. Of course I will not compromise on safety. What I mean with race quality parts is a bike equipped with 9 speed components and able to compete effectively in any race.

In a stereo system, the most important components are the amp and the speaker. The amp will transmit the audio wave and the speaker will actually translate the wave to be audible. The same is true for the mountain bike. The most important components in a bike are the drivetrain(the gear set and crank) and the wheelset. These are the components that will actually transmit the pedal power and roll the wheels. These components also are the one need to be of high quality.

Remember, my objective is to built race quality bike at the cheapest price. I am fond of Shimano Deore drivetrain set including Deore crankset. For the wheelsets, I am concentrating more on the hub(the bearing that rotate the wheels). My Black Mamba No 12 uses FSA sealed bearing hub and normal Rigida double wall rims. The Orange Flame uses Novatec sealed bearing disc hub with normal Rigida double wall rims. I am quite satisfied with the performance of the both wheelsets (don't laugh at me la, remember my objective).

So far I have built a handful of bike (ordered by friends) with the same objective and they never complaint. Of couse after quite some time, they will be infected by "upgraditis virus" (pls check in dictionary for new virus definition).

My Black Mamba No 12 ready to blast and so far has not been infected with the same virus.


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