Easy Ride & Roll

13 June, 2009

Truly easy ride. Only Me and Pak Yeh.
We started roll around 7.30am and back on 11.30am.. The distance was 45km and rolling at average 25km. Area covered Tmn Tunku Sarina-Tasik Darulaman-Tok Jalai-TitiGajah -Jalan Gunung-Gunung Keriang-Kg Pulau Kerengga-Pdg Gelam-Naga-Tg Kapor-Tmn Tunku Sarina.

A good warm-up for a more intense training for the coming UUM XC race on 19/7/09 and Kedah Jamboree on 1/8/09. After that a long rest for the Ramadan.


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